Epson previews next-generation laser displays to meet needs of connected classrooms and hybrid workspaces

With connected classrooms and hybrid working here to stay, display technology needs to be increasingly adaptable and easy to use. To support this, Epson has launched the EB-810E – a 4KE, 5,000 lumen display delivering super-ultra-short throw ratios of 0.16:1 and scalable display sizes up to 160”.

The new EB-810E is Epson’s first super-ultra-short throw laser display to leverage its 4K Enhancement technology 1designed for hybrid working and immersive spaces. Capable of creating massive 4K images up to 160” with the product placed just centimeters away from the wall or screen to be projected onto, the new EB-810E brings stunning clarity to presented content and offers a mobile, low cost, large screen display solution with convenient and quick set up, and the flexibility and portability to use it almost anywhere with a wall space.

Graeme Davidson, Epson Europe said, “Leveraging super-ultra-short throw capabilities, this product is ideal for environments where space is at a premium, for example in meeting rooms and immersive spaces. Yet it offers an energy efficient large scalable display without needing to become a permanent fixture. This flexibility allows users to easily move the product, meaning multiple spaces can share the display, further supporting the demands of agile working.”   

Powered by Epson’s proprietary 3-chip 3LCD technology, this new model delivers large-scale, bright images, along with convenient collaboration tools and easy setup using Epson’s new Setting Assist (ESA) app. Its 21:9 ultra-wide display options ensure all participants can see the content, interact and be seen by others in the meeting – ideal for use with collaborative hybrid meeting room systems such as Microsoft Teams Rooms Front Row.

Joining the EB-810E at ISE 2023 will be the new Epson EB-770Fi.  The EB-770Fi will represent a range of laser displays for business and education that will become available later in the year and will include a new browser-based ultra-short throw interactive laser display to deliver a true PC-free interactive solution. The forthcoming EB-780Fi delivers instant online access to make it easier for educators to access cloud-stored lesson plans, online content and favored applications directly from the display without needing to connect a PC.

Epson will be adding the new EB-760W, EB-770F and EB-775F ultra-short throw laser displays with display sizes up to 150” to its line-up enabling almost 300 percent more display area than a 75-inch flat panel. And also to be launched along-side are touch interactive upgrades on these models, the EB-760Wi and EB-770Fi, designed for ease-of-use in collaborative learning, allowing educators to access content to use interactively with the use of built-in pen-based interactivity and optional touch functionality.

“Our meeting and education spaces have evolved significantly, and it has become apparent that today’s displays need to accommodate all aspects of viewing, sharing and interactivity for better in person and remote participant engagement,” Davidson continues. “With our latest laser displays, we have implemented important points of innovation to deliver larger displays and make collaboration and engagement seamless. This includes tools for easier one-on-one device sharing along with multi-device connectivity.”

In addition to its short throw and ultra-short throw models, Epson will also launch a range of standard models, the EB-L210W, EB-L210SF, EB-L260F and EB-L265F delivering high brightness up to 4,600 lumens and large, vibrant images up to 310-inches and with support for 21:9 ultra-wide displays to ensure both in-room and remote participants have ample viewing space to see and be seen.

“At Epson we’re focused on user experience and delivering the right solution based on user needs. Having meeting spaces equipped with the right technology and solutions helps promote stronger team ethics, increased productivity and enhanced creative thinking,” Davidson says.


All models will be available from June 2023.

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