The Museum’s “Art and Mathematics” Programs have been developed by leading university professors

Located at the foot of the Acropolis, the Herakleidon Museum presents a permanent exhibition of work by M.C.Escher and Victor Vasarely along the theme of “Art and Mathematics” - "from the aesthetics of Art to the logic of Mathematics".

The “Art and Mathematics” educational programs have been developed by leading university professors who are Respected Professionals of Mathematics. Different levels of the program target each school level, from elementary to high school.

The program aims to illustrate basic mathematical principles such as analogy, dimension, fractions and geometry by demonstrating how these concepts manifest in works of art. To achieve this, the program uses interactive content developed by the professors and external sources.


Investing in education through technology

Each classroom is equipped with an EB-485Wi, whiteboard, laptop and speakers which are actively used in the lessons.

Epson projectors were chosen because of their ability to reproduce high quality images  – a necessary requirement for a Museum of Art. The ultra-short-throw EB-485Wi can project images from a distance of 31cm, allowing the instructor to interact with students without interference from shadows or distracting reflections.

The accuracy of the EB-485Wi’s interactive pen means that lessons progress smoothly. With 3,100 lumens, images are vibrant and colorful, even in daylight.

The EB-485Wi’s interactive feature is essential for the nature of the teaching material, which employs the works of M.C.Escher, Leonardo Da Vinci, Victor Vasarely, Kandinsky and others in a dynamic context to illustrate concepts. According to students, they felt more engaged and were able to grasp mathematical theories while also appreciating major works of art.


The Museum’s educational programs are enhanced with Epson interactive projectors

The Herakleidon Museum’s aim was to develop new, innovative and interdisciplinary methods for teaching mathematics through history, philosophy and art in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Education.

The museum hosts approximately 45,000 visitors a year and its educational programs were attended by over 23,000 students in 730 sessions throughout the school year.

Additionally, weekend workshops and seminars for adults in drawing, painting and creative writing also make great use of the projectors.

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  • The ultra-short-throw EB-485Wi projects images from a distance of 31cm, permitting the instructor to interact with students without interference from shadows or reflections Interactivity engages students and helps them grasp mathematical concepts whilst also appreciating major works of art With 3,100 lumens colour light output (CLO), images are vibrant and colorful, even in daylight

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