Laptop Centar, one of the fastest growing laptop retail chains in Serbia, needed to replace their fleet of old inkjet printers as they experienced printing downtime caused by empty cartridges ever too often. Along with that, their monthly print volumes started to exceed volumes that could be met by a traditional inkjet printer.

Long term investment

As Laptop Center needed a solution that would help them print more and spend less time and resources, ITS came in as an option that satisfied both criteria.
“They are an excellent choice for all environments that demand high print quality in large volumes, not having to replace or refill the cartridges ever so often” said Sasa Djordjevic, commercialist at Laptop Centar.
After the initial setup, which was reported to be quick and easy for anyone with basic knowledge of using computers and printers, the Laptop Centar crew operating in the head office admitted that they haven't refilled the tanks of their L200 in more than six months!
“Epson ITS printers enable us to print economically. The high-capacity ink tanks give us a long period of exploitation and save our time and money”, said Stevica Kujundzic, owner of Laptop Centar.

Reliable and durable

One of the main selling points that made Laptop Center opt for Epson ITS solutions were reliability and durability of the print head.
“I’ve had previous experience with competitors’ consumer inkjet models and I have to say that Epson and their Micro Piezo technology leave all of them behind when it comes to reliability and durability of the print head. That is another reason why we chose Epson”, said Sasa.

In-house print job is better than that done by a printing service

The four-colour ITS printers that have been installed in all of the 11 retail stores of Laptop Centar are being used for printing colour documents, leaflets and commercial materials, and have been already appreciated for the print quality they provide.
“In comparison to other manufacturers’ solutions that I used, the L200 we have in our office provides much higher print quality”, said Brankica Gosic, web and graphic designer at Laptop Centar’s head office. They say that the advantages of printing in-house are not only the time-efficiency of having the print job done right in the office, but it also costs less than having it done by a printing service.

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  • Saves time and money Ideal for large volume print jobs Reliable and durable print head High print quality Efficiency of in-house print jobs

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