Epson unveils its newest generation of ultra-lightweight high lumens 3LCD projectors

Epson unveils its newest generation of ultra-lightweight high lumens 3LCD projectors

Epson, the leading global projector brand[1], and market leader in Pro Displays across EMEA[2], has launched its newest generation of compact, efficient and ultra-lightweight high lumens 3LCD projectors.

Building on the success of its EB-L20000U series, Epson’s PU2200U range of high lumens 3LCD projectors includes the world's smallest and lightest 20,000 lumens models (EB-PU2220B / EB-PU2120W) which are 64% smaller and 50% lighter than their predecessor (EBL20000U).

The new range offers users significant advantages including much reduced size and weight, easier installation and set-up, simplified maintenance and great image quality. The new range of ultra-lightweight, compact laser projectors has been designed for use in large auditoriums, live events, concerts, conference rooms where it delivers high-impact immersive experiences.

The range offers significant environmental benefits including much lower power consumption, significantly reduced packaging requirements with lower carbon footprint as the reduced weight and size means the projectors are easier to store, transport and install, saving on warehouse space as well as labour and delivery costs.

The PU2200 series includes 13,000lm, 16,000lm and 20,000lm models, offering WUXGA resolution with 4K enhancement, HDR and advanced installation features. The compact and lightweight range offers a host of features that hugely benefit the rental and installation sector such as compatibility with existing Epson lenses. The projectors are easy to integrate with existing infrastructures, offering both installation flexibility and fit-and-forget reliability.

All models in the range include functionality that enables simple installation, stacking, lens flexibility and control. The range includes in-built processing for PC-free stacking which means two supported projectors can be stacked to double the brightness without need of external computerware. Additional features include NFC functionality for simpler installation, enabling communication between projectors and NFC-compatible Android smart devices, even when the projector is off.

The new range also includes improved dustproofing as the hermetically sealed optical engine, and laser light source unit, prevent dust contamination to ensure enhanced durability. The optical engine and light source module are IP5x certified[3] and Epson uses a high-efficiency liquid cooling system to achieve additional reliability.

“We are very excited to announce our latest generation of ultra-lightweight, compact high lumens projectors”, adds Massimo Pizzocri, Vice President Video Projector Sales & Marketing Division at Epson. “I am convinced that this new 3LCD display platform will become the industry benchmark for quality and flexibility, not only saving installation time and shipment costs but also reducing environmental impact for the important and growing 20k lumens market segment.” 

“As the world’s leading projector manufacturer, we have listened very closely to our customers and we believe this new series of projectors answers the market need for more compact, space-saving, lighter, reliable and versatile high lumens display solutions.”

Epson in projection

Epson is the world’s leading manufacturer of projectors with over a third share of the global projector market. It specialises in manufacturing compact, versatile, high brightness 3LCD laser projection technology for homes, offices, schools, retailers and for large-scale installations in entertainment venues, museums, galleries, outdoor events and visitor attractions.

Epson high lumens laser projectors are used to create immersive and interactive experiential environments at major venues and visitor attractions across the world. Recent examples of Epson’s AV technology in use include the Electric Forest Music Festival in America, the TeamLab Borderless installation in Shanghai and the international Festival of Lights in Europe.

Epson AV technology can be found impacting the productivity of classrooms and other learning environments across the world, enhancing the retail experience, and helping a range of industry sectors with remote assistance capabilities.

[2] 2020, 6,000 lumen and above, Futuresource Consulting – Quarterly Projector Market Insights – Worldwide Analyzer CY21Q2

[3] IP5X certified in accordance with IEC Standard 60529. The IP5X certification is

applied to the optical engine and light source module.

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À propos d'Epson

Epson est une multinationale du secteur technologique qui s’engage à connecter les personnes, les choses et les informations en s’appuyant sur ses propres technologies à la fois compactes, peu consommatrices d’énergie et de haute précision. Avec une vaste gamme de produits s’étendant des imprimantes jet d’encre et des systèmes d’impression numérique aux projecteurs 3LCD, montres et robots industriels, le groupe apporte des solutions innovantes et dépasse les attentes des clients en matière de technologie jet d’encre, de communications visuelles, d’objets connectés et de robotique.

Conduit par sa maison-mère Seiko Epson Corporation basée au Japon, le groupe Epson emploie plus de 81 000 salariés dans son réseau mondial de 85 entités et est fier de sa contribution envers la vie locale sur ses sites d’implantation et de ses efforts continus pour réduire l’impact sur l’environnement.

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