Tarkett, global leader in flooring industry chooses Epson label printers

Flooring company chooses Epson industrial printers to create labels that, in small batches, are printed directly from SAP

In their extensive work, the Tarkett company faces a large number of requests for the printing of personalized labels in small batches and in a short amount of time on a daily basis. In order to adequately respond to the requirements of their customers without creating unnecessary stocks, this company has chosen the Epson ColorWorks C7500G for making labels and marking carpets and other textile substrates.

"Labels are a very important element of market presence and visibility. In the past, we ordered labels externally, but that sometimes produced problems because the delivery deadlines were longer, there were errors on the labels, and the internal logistics itself was quite complex. In addition, we have not been able to meet the requirements of customers who have their own brand and their own elements on the label. In collaboration with Indenticus and Epson, we were able to find a label supplier and work together to create a fully variable label printing solution in-house that is integrated into our SAP system. Epson has proven to be the most robust solution for the more demanding conditions of our production line, but also flexible enough to actualize the concepts we envisioned” says Srdjan Vidakovic, System Engineer at Tarkett.

This solution achieves process optimization in the field of personalization and automation of label printing for marking end products.


"We managed to provide a comprehensive hardware and software solution that gave Tarkett the opportunity to minimize the number of predefined labels, and on the other hand, the unlimited possibility of personalization," says Obrad Babic, Managing Director of Identicus.

Additional benefits brought by the Epson technology

In addition to all the benefits achieved in the production process and improved cooperation with customers whose requirements can now be met with ease, thanks to the Epson printer, internally, Tarkett has achieved significant financial savings.

Furthermore, the printer has shortened the amount of time required to produce labels in parallel, facilitating the work of the operator on the line.

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Key facts

  • • Reduced number of predefined labels • 100% flexibility • In-house, one-step solution • Printing directly from SAP • Significant savings of time and money

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