Projectors for better-quality school lessons

Head Teacher Josip Petrović said: "Projectors are particularly useful when used to bring teaching materials alive. Previously, we didn't have enough projectors to modernise our teaching methods, but now all of our classrooms have been equipped with Epson's projector technology."

A new dimension of teaching

Trnsko Primary School in Zagreb has been educating children for over 50 years.
Today, all of the classrooms are equipped with multimedia video projectors.

"The new video projectors are a breath of fresh air for the pupils, and provide a new form of motivation," says Trnsko Primary School's Head Teacher, Josip Petrović. "For example, in reading lessons, children can now watch the film adaptation of the book they have just read and compare the author's work with the film, which gives them broader access to the given subject."



Communicating and collaborating with schools across Europe

Epson's projectors have modernised how the teachers work ; all classrooms are now equipped with Epson's EB-X20 projectors.
The teachers are now able to bring teaching material to life. For example, when teaching about nature, the students can be shown a range of multimedia examples.

The projectors are also used for communication and collaboration with other primary schools in other parts of Europe. "We have just launched an e-twinning programme with schools in Greece and Cyprus. The projectors have enabled us to connect children of different cultures and let them share knowledge with one another," says Mr Petrović.




Projectors stimulate learning and fun

Partner company Opstanak installed the projectors quickly, and the teachers used the school holidays to learn how to operate them.
In addition to everyday use in teaching, the projectors are a welcome addition to the hours spent not teaching.

"Our teachers can now screen entertainment during extended breaks, for which we previously used a 51cm television set. Now, they effectively have their own home cinemas," says Mr Petrović.

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  • All classrooms are equipped with EB-X20 video projectors The projectors are used for teaching, and for collaboration with other schools in Europe as part of an e-twinning programme The EX-X20 allows projection in daylight, with a white light and colour light output of 2,700 lumens and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio.

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