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IDOLO has been working in the photography business since 1982 when it began developing and printing high-quality black and white analogue photos; colour photography was added to its range of services in 2005. Its customer base includes professional photographers, but is mainly made up of amateur photographers; the photos are often intended for exhibitions and decorative use.

The lab chose Epson's inkjet printers because they produce high-quality fine art photo prints – specifically the Stylus Pro 9900, which prints up to 44" (111.8 cm) in width and uses 11 Ultrachrome HDR cartridges. It is now a vital part of the lab's large format printing equipment, and is used to produce digital (inkjet) prints. At the same time, the Stylus Pro 4800, which is also part of the lab's equipment, is used to print on A2 paper using eight Ultrachrome K3 cartridges.

The EpsonPerfection V750 scanner was also added to the company's range of equipment due to its outstanding performance in document and photo scans.

IDOLO lab only uses genuine Epson inks to ensure high-quality prints and to prolong the long-term operation of the equipment.


Print applications

The Stylus Pro 9900 handles the company's medium and large format prints, while the Stylus Pro 4800 covers its small and medium formats; the most common print sizes are usually between A4 and 80x100 cm.

The printers have the flexibility to handle various formats.

Primarily, the company uses Epson paper, which was selected after numerous, long-term trials to test the paper's durability, tonal range, feel and surface aesthetics.



Yes to growth

IDOLO Photo Lab has demanding clients, and Epson's products have assisted in the company's growth and expansion of its client base.
High-quality prints, colour fidelity and the durability of the finished prints have helped to promote and upgrade the servicesprovided by the lab.


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Key facts

  • Epson's large format printers are able to use paper rolls as well as individual sheets, alongside fine art printing paper. The Stylus Pro 9900 is ideal for large prints, such as those needed for exhibition events/decorations, because of the high quality and colour fidelity of the printed image. Epson's products provide reliable solutions for professionals who wish to invest in devices that are easy to operate.

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