FairSky Shipping & Almi Tankers Train with Epson

Almi Tankers and Fairsky Shipping have invested in the training of their personnel and the supervision of their ships with the purchase of Epson's projectors and large format printers.

Almi Tankers has been operating in the oil transportation industry since 2009, while Fairsky Shipping and Trading has been operating in the cargo-shipping sector since 1989. The path of these two companies has common features - safe cargo transportation, efficient fleet management, robust collaboration with clients, and the ongoing updating and training of their personnel on purely maritime issues - and both use innovative strategic administration methods to affect the methodology of material and human resource management.

In 2012, the two companies finalised a strategic investment by creating modern, functional office spaces with the emphasis on training rooms and the functional supervision of their ships. Epson was chosen, after thorough research, for the procurement of visual equipment (interactive projectors and high-brightness projectors), and a wide format printer for printing navigation material.


Easier presentation and efficient training

12 ΕΒ-475Wi interactive projectors with an equal number of porcelain whiteboards, 4 ΕΒ-Z8050W projectors and 2 ΕΒ-G5650W projectors were installed by Technologica, Epson’s authorised audio-visual EBS partner, which were complemented by video conference screens and systems. The Stylus Pro 9700 large format printer was installed by Active Computer Systems, Epson’s EBS business partner.

The EB-475Wi interactive projectors were chosen because of their short throw projection (just 31cm), the high colour and white light output (3,100 lumens) – a necessary prerequisite for large, bright meeting rooms – and the interaction delivered by the two interactive pens. Meeting and presentation participation increased, and the 'minutes' were easily and immediately distributed in electronic format to all participants. Furthermore, the use of the classic whiteboard marker also increased, since its use is permitted in parallel with the projection.

The ΕΒ-Ζ8050W and ΕΒ-G5650W high-brightness business projectors were chosen for their faithful reproduction of material - varying from statistical presentations to video training sessions - on 4 x 2.25 m screens.


Strengthening productivity and efficiency

The twelve EB-475Wi interactive projectors were installed in an equivalent number of rooms and cover a broad range of demands and users. They are used daily by management executives in their personal offices and by instructors/speakers in the training rooms.

The four ΕΒ-Ζ8050W projectors have been installed in pairs in the building’s auditorium, where they are used for long-range presentations and large audiences, and in the main meeting rooms of both companies. Lastly, one of the two ΕΒ-G5650W projectors covers video-conferencing needs and the second is used in the main meeting room of Almi Tankers S.A., complementing the ΕΒ-Ζ8050W projector so that all participants have a good view.

With the Stylus Pro 9700 printer “we can ‘see’ our thoughts,” says Thanassis Pagonis, Business Performance Monitoring Unit Officer. From action plans for upcoming projects to mind and strategy maps, the Stylus Pro 9700 printouts constitute an efficient tool for visual communications and interactivity. The entire 111cm width is generally used, while the length varies on the content. The 8.2 million ink dots per inch are distributed on “small” prints measuring 1m x 50cm, as well as larger images measuring up to 7m.

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  • Twelve ΕΒ-475Wi interactive projectors, four Ζ8050W projectors, two G5650W projectors and one Stylus Pro 9700 printer were purchased. The new devices have increased productivity and collaboration during training sessions and meetings. Easy-to-use tools, without shadows or annoying reflections, and providing useful interactivity were key reasons why Epson's products were chosen. Epson's projectors are capable of Impressive standards when used for projections in meeting rooms and auditoriums.

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