Barbaros Ozalit determined that Epson could help put the company ahead of the competition, and purchased a SC-S70610. With GS2 ink technology, the company is able to print products for outdoor purposes that can last for up to three years with no lamination needed.

Achieving high quality with low costs per unit

Murat Sevim, Company Partner at Barbaros Ozalit, says: "Aside from its market popularity, Epson also providestechnological advantages over models from rival companies. Moreover, it is much better than its competitors in terms of costs per unit . For our first device, we opted for Epson's 9700 model for indoor printing purposes, and for outdoor printing our choice was Epson once again ."


Using original consumables

Many companies try to reduce their costs by using inauthentic consumables but they forget about the longevity of the devices and customer satisfaction. Inauthentic cartridges not only produce low-quality results but they also harm the head, which is the most important part of the device. Murat Sevim comments: "When we make price/performance comparisons, we have noticed that the use of original Epson consumables provide better quality printing at beneficial prices .


Barbaros Ozalit recommends Epson

Murat Savim adds: "Our company recommends that users choose the right brand, the right business partner, original consumables and the right operator. By doing these things, their devices will be long-lasting. Accordingly, we recommend Epson for optimal quality and costs."

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  • able to print products for outdoor purposes that last up to three years, with no lamination needed. Epson offers more in terms of cost per unit than its competitors. The business can provide high-quality prints at beneficial prices; this is key for gaining the customers' trust.

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