Epson launches new laser projectors for the home

Epson launches new laser projectors for the home

New EpiqVision range created for  Laser Projection TV models - EpiqVision Ultra and EpiqVision Mini 

Epson has introduced two new stylish, mini laser TV projectors (EF-11 and EF-12) and two new smart laser projection TVs (EH-LS300B and EH-LS300W). The new projectors join the EF-100 and EH-LS500 to form the “EpiqVision” range, Epson’s new product family of laser and mini laser TV models.  The EH-LS300 and the previously announced EH-LS500 form the EpiqVision Ultra line up while the EF-range makes up EpiqVision Mini.  The new projectors bring affordable big screen, immersive entertainment to the home allowing up to 10 years of maintenance and hassle free viewing 1for the whole family, making them a real alternative to the traditional TV.                    

Epson’s smallest 3LCD laser projectors, the EF-11 and EF-12 offer a big screen experience in a portable design and can be moved easily from room to room, integrating into the smallest of spaces without the need for a TV or screen. The new models are ideal for a variety of different uses including family film nights, gaming, showcasing photography or even watching sports. Their compact size and lightweight design means they can be enjoyed by all members of the family, moved to different rooms within the house or even taken outside thanks to the laser light source which delivers a bright and vibrant picture.

The EF-12 allows users for the first time in an Epson projector to experience sound by YAMAHA, with the ability to operate as a stand-alone smart speaker. Additionally with Android TV TM, the projector offers thousands of movies, shows and games on Google Play, YouTube and many other popular apps. 2  Furthermore, with Chromecast built-in TM, users can cast their favourite entertainment applications directly to the big screen from an Android TMor iOS device, Mac or Windows computer, or Chromebook. 3 A smart solution for a visually connected home.

Voice search and personalised recommendations are made possible with Google Assistant 4. Users can quickly access entertainment, get answers and control devices around their home leaving them with more time to be entertained.

It can project in any direction, even onto the floor or ceiling, giving even more flexibility.

Designed for the style conscious, the EF-11 measures just 18cm along its longest edge allowing it to integrate seamlessly into any room. It can project onto almost any surface so there is no need for separate screen. With the EF-11, accessing content from a phone, tablet, any smart devices to the flexible display solution with Miracast built-in.

The EH-LS300, available in either white or black, sits close to the wall while achieving a large display of up to 120”. Like the EF-12, it comes with integrated sound by YAMAHA and Android TV. It’s Epson’s latest smart laser projection Full HD TV, projecting up to 120” with 3LCD technology, with a high contrast ratio ensuring sharp images. Great connectivity, easy set-up and alignment make this projector the ultimate choice for home entertainment enthusiasts considering the best options for their large screen viewing.

Amy Ng, product manager for home cinema products at Epson Europe said: “With people spending more time in their homes than ever before, these latest beautifully designed projectors give customers a range of flexible, easy to use and affordable options for big screen entertainment. With smart connectivity, and high-quality long-lasting laser light source, there’s never been a better time to consider replacing your TV.”


Body and TrimBlackBlack and CopperBlack or White
Projection orientation360 degrees
Laser Light Source10 Years10 Years10 Years
3LCD projection technologyYesYesYes
Screen SizeUp to 150Up to 150Up to 120
Android TV with Google Assistant, Google Play and Chromecast built inNoYesYes
Screen Mirroring / MiracastYesNo No
SoundBuilt-in 1.5W x 2 mono speakerSound by YAMAHA 5W stereo x 2 Bluetooth audioSound by YAMAHA 5W stereo x 2 10W woofer x 1 Bluetooth audio
HDMI● 1● 2● 2
Brightness1,000 Lumen1,000 Lumen3,600 Lumen
Keystone Correction YesYesCorner Adjustment
Light source life (eco/normal)10 years10 years10 years

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