Sysco Productions choose Epson projection for new interactive experience

TOCA Social in Greenwich, London, is the world's first interactive football and dining experience, combining immersive gaming and world class food and drink.

TOCA Social wanted to create a brand new concept that would transform how visitors eat, drink, meet and play. Their primary goal was to design an innovative new social experience that would allow guests to come together and enjoy interactive football games, regardless of age and ability.

They were looking for a customised design that utilised cutting-edge technology to deliver a complex multifaceted infrastructure benefiting from a flexible and user-friendly interface. Sysco Productions were appointed as the dedicated AV specialists to provide technical expertise and to ensure that the AV hardware perfectly aligned with the intricate specification of the gaming software design.

At the time of the design process, Epson was the stand-out solution for offering 3LCD, having pioneered the technology itself. This was a significant feature as it enabled guests to take photographs during their gaming experience, without restrictions of striping or flashing effects impacting on the quality of image. This provides the additional advantage of creating photographs that are social media friendly and of a higher quality.

There are 17 studio ‘boxes’ in total, each admitting up to 12 visitors, with every box delivering a projected display onto the back wall as part of the gaming experience. Across each of the 17 boxes, Sysco installed one 9,000-lumen Epson EB-L1495U laser projector, complete with ELPLM15ELPLM15 mid-throw lens. An additional EB-L1495U with ELPLM15 lens was installed in a separate space reserved for events, presentations and streaming football games, and is used in conjunction with a 3.56m x 2.01m electric projection screen.

Jay Patterson, Senior Engineer from Sysco Productions, said: “Epson were the obvious choice for TOCATOCA Social as their 3LCD 9,000 lumen product is the perfect tool for this job. Epson were also able to provide these projectors at a competitive cost, which made this option more viable as part of the client’s AV budget criteria. Having collaborated with Epson on previous occasions, we have a strong working relationship with them and their product ranges are trusted, reliable and of a high working standard.”

Dr. Conrad Spiteri, Head of Technology from TOCA Social" said “Visitors to TOCA Social are looking for a good time and our priority from an AV perspective was always to ensure the technology is helping to deliver rather than distract from their experience. Each box needs to be able to run from 9am to 1am with minimal intervention and we need all the equipment to meet this requirement in order to give customers the best experience possible. The Epson projection is well concealed – allowing visitors to focus on the projected image - and provides a vivid, colourful display that is crucial to the experience and doesn’t cause any technical issues that one might expect from a technology that is used so rigidly.”

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  • Interactive football experience TOCA Social installs 18 x Epson EB-L1495U projectors with ELPLM15 mid-throw lenses

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