Epson proofing printers and inks in partnership with GMG

GMG was founded in 1984 and to this day continues to set the standard with innovative solutions, software, and know-how in all printing processes. Its world-renowned colour management and proofing is trusted by leading printing companies, service providers, and well-known global brands.

The perfect pre-press, brands and printer partner

GMG's relationship with Epson printers and inks began over 20 years ago, at a time when digital printing was becoming more widespread. Jens Bloeck, Product Management at GMG, explains:

“Decades ago, Epson was the first drop-on-demand inkjet printer which was successfully adopted for proofing. Since then, the market demand, especially for packaging proofing, has increased and the partnership between Epson printers and inks and GMG colour management innovation and bespoke formulated media has become an industry standard.”

These proofing solutions are designed to deliver precise, repeatable performance with high accuracy and an exceptional colour gamut to the packaging proofing market. In fact, Epson SC-P Series proofing printers offer the highest colour accuracy in the market; being able to perfectly reproduce up to 99% of Pantone Solid Coated Colours1.

Award-winning colour management

GMG ColorProof makes your life easier. As an out-of-the-box solution, the software comes with preinstalled, tested colour profiles of all international printing standards. After a brief printer calibration, you are ready to print the first proof. The calibration is key for good colour management, and GMG ColorProof has a user-friendly calibration concept for highest stability and consistency across printers, measuring devices and locations. Put simply, predicting press results with the highest colour accuracy is GMG’s top priority.

The award-winning GMG ColorCard opens a new chapter and enables the digital production of colour cards based on the ink kitchen’s spectral measurement values. With GMG ColorCard, physical colour references are not a drawback; as these spot colour references are a necessity in packaging printing, if brand colours need to be accurately communicated with stakeholders. Historically, these were created manually as ink drawdowns – an extremely time-consuming process. In summary, GMG ColorCard digitises ink drawdowns and takes some of the drudgery out of producing spot colour.




Advertising, publishing, and packaging industries all rely on achieving accurate print results with GMG's complete solution, which includes: the GMG ColorCard, the SC-P5000 and Epson inks.

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Key facts

  • • Simple digital print of accurate colour references • Time savings of up to 90% • Effortless repeat production of colour cards • Multiple layout versions for professional colour communication • User-friendly, web-based application

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