Epson launches new high performance six-axis robot series with new controller and safety functions.

Epson launches new high performance six-axis robot series with new controller and safety functions.

Epson, the world’s leading manufacturer of SCARA robots [1], is launching a new series of six-axis robots complete with new controller and safety functions designed to enhance manufacturing flexibility and improve production.

Building on the success of its C series, Epson’s new Cx-B series is its first six-axis robot range with safety functions complying to latest standards certified by TÜV Süd. The new five robot range comes with the latest generation of controller, battery-less encoder, versatile mounting options and encompasses payloads ranging from 4kg to 12kg, and arm lengths between 600mm and 1400mm.

Epson’s new compact, slimline Cx-B series of six-axis robots has been specifically designed to deliver rapid, precise work in safe proximity to humans. The compact space-saving range is tailored to fit into tight operational spaces where it can be mounted on ceilings, floors, worktops and other surfaces. It is ideal for high-speed and potentially sophisticated applications including palletizing or machine tending in many industry sectors such as automotive, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

The six-axis Cx-B range comes equipped with a new controller (RC-700E) that facilitates easily-to-configure safety functions allowing the machine to maintain safe robot motion while operators perform their tasks in synchronised proximity to the robot. All functions are tested, documented, validated and certified byTÜV Süd, meeting the latest machine directives and harmonised industrial robot standard (ISO 10218-1 and NRTL). Additional safety functionality is optional including monitoring capabilities for safe speed (SLS), location and joint-angle motion (SLP).

In addition to new safety functionality, Epson’s Cx-B series includes a new battery-less encoder, meaning reduced maintenance and servicing without need for replacing batteries that result in operational downtime and reduced productivity.

“The latest upgrade to our six-axis robots range offers a viable and competitive Epson solution in this important and growing market segment,” comments Volker Spanier, Epson Europe’s Head of Manufacturing Solutions. “The new compact Cx-B series delivers safe, high-speed, precise performance for a range of payloads and reaches. Not only does it conform to the latest high safety standards but also includes a unique battery-less encoder that means far less intervention, maintenance and operational downtime.”

The new Cx-B series comes with Epson’s standard robot installation software (RC+/RC+ Express) including software guides that are designed to reduce any knowledge barriers to prevent automation and facilitate quick and easy installation, intuitive programing and simple set up.

The Cx-B series will be available from April 2024. For more information go here [insert website link].



[1] Epson has been the market leader for SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) robots since 2010, with a 31% market share[1].


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