Epson celebrates 40th years in robotics at Automatica with the launch of its GX-B series

Epson celebrates 40th years in robotics at Automatica with the launch of its GX-B series

Epson’s GX-B SCARA robot series, software solutions and latest robotics solutions including key partners on show at Automatica (June 27 - 30, Messe München, Hall B5, stand 311).

Epson, the world’s leading manufacturer of SCARA robots, will be celebrating 40 years of market leading robotics solutions at Automatica this June. Epson will launch its GX-B series of SCARA robots, building on its award winning GX series of high-performance SCARA robots, which lead the industry in variety, functionality and performance, delivering exceptional high-power-density and payloads. The GX8 SCARA from the series was recently awarded a 2023 Red Dot: Product Design award.

Epson began using robotics in the 1960s to achieve high precision manufacturing. In 1983, the company began selling robots externally and now Epson robots are installed in factories across the world. Epson has been the market leader for SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) robots since 2010, with a 31% market share [1].

Epson will also be joined on the stand by partners Hupico France, Compar Switzerland, Economa and GM Automatyka, demonstrating a range of operations including 3D bin picking, labelling applications, battery pack assembly and much more.

Volker Spanier, Head of Manufacturing Solutions Epson EMEAR, explains: “ We are immensely proud to be celebrating 40 years of heritage and success in automation solutions at Automatica this year, with a wide sample of automation solutions on stand, showcasing how customizable and cost-effective our range is. We are marking the occasion with the launch of the GX-B series that responds directly to the challenges faced by customers. This series combines high speed, precision and safety with the versatility to perform a multitude of applications, and customers can receive the benefits of human robot interaction without compromising efficiency or space.”

Epson GX-B Series launch

Further cementing its market leadership position in SCARA, Epson will launch an upgrade to the existing GX-A series with new safety functionalities. The GX-B series will bring substantial advantages to customers, not only facilitating human intervention when needed, but cutting costs related to cycle time, downtime, and the unpredictability of production by increasing both flexibility and performance.

This upgrade will enable conventional safety set-ups with safe limited speed (SLS) and safety limited position (SLP) functionality thanks to new software and safety licences, enabling co-existing and synchronized use cases. The SLS function will significantly reduce downtime and accelerate set-up, and SLP allows machines to be installed much closer together with reduced safety clearances and saving space by enabling fenceless applications.

Epson GX8 robot wins Red Dot Product Design award 2023

The GX8 SCARA was awarded a Red Dot: Product Design award, recognising its efficient design which maximises productivity, speed, and precision in confined spaces. As many assembly tasks can only be performed in one arm orientation, the GX4 Series has been designed with an arm that curves to the left or right and is enabled with Epson’s GYROPLUS Technology. This technology uses gyro-sensors to detect vibration at the end of a robot arm and transmit feedback to a controller in real-time to dampen vibration, thanks to gyroscopic sensors developed by Epson combining two of its core technologies: crystal materials and microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS). GX8 robots help to raise productivity and reduce extraneous and tedious manual labour, a necessity where automation is accelerating in the face of labour shortages.





[1] Market share based on unit sales of industrial SCARA robots, 2011-2020 (Source: Fuji Keizai “2012 – 2021 Reality and Future Outlook of Worldwide Robot Market”).

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