Epson resin prints bring exhibition to life

The WAVE exhibition at Japan House London explores the vibrant diversity of Japanese graphic arts, bridging the worlds of fine art, commercial illustration and counterculture.

Presenting work by 60 of Japan’s most significant graphic artists, the exhibition includes examples of styles such as pop art and surrealism, as well as the concept of heta-uma, which translates as ‘bad, but good’.

Inspired by an annual exhibition in Tokyo of the same name, 'WAVE: Currents in Japanese Graphic Arts' presents a rare opportunity to experience the diversity of Japanese illustration and graphic arts in one place outside Japan. The exhibition at Japan House London takes place from 6th July to 22nd October 2023.

About print requirements for the exhibition

For WAVE, Japan House London required the high-quality printing of four, floor-to-ceiling supergraphics, which would be strategically placed throughout the gallery and critical in setting the tone of the exhibition. As the graphics were all reproductions of the work of well-known Japanese artists, it was essential to achieve a resolution, colour consistency and seamless finish (with no visible banding) that would preserve the integrity of the original artwork.

How the Epson Resin Printed achieved this.

The SureColour SC-R5000 provided Japan House London with an eco-conscious solution - whereby its water-based inks meant prints could be more easily recycled. The team at Epson UK helped us meet all of our requirements within a tight timeframe, working together with its print partners Max Media Prints, who printed and installed the four supergraphics for the exhibition, each printed onto 'Digimura non-woven soft touch wall covering' media. The printed supergraphics, with their bright colour and crisp lines, has no doubt left a lasting impression on visitors to the exhibition.

Working with Epson

Working in partnership with Epson UK on the WAVE exhibition was a wonderful opportunity for Japan House London to highlight Japanese technology and innovation within our gallery and we are grateful for their support. This speaks to Japan House London’s aim of presenting the very best of Japanese art, design, innovation and technology to our UK audiences.



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Key facts

  • Japan House London utilised Epson's SureColor SC-R5000 resin printer to create the graphics for an art exhibition.

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