enhances its rental fleet with Epson

Based in Dublin, is an AV solutions specialist and the rental division of 52-year-old education AV supplier, Toomey Audio Visual.

Amidst easing COVID-19 restrictions, has been embracing the buoyancy of the AV rental market, working flat-out to meet the increased demand for rental AV within corporate presentations, school graduations, school plays, theatres and more.

The business has used its success to reinvest into the business to strengthen its portfolio and remain competitive in this market by hiring new staff and has investing heavily in new, state-of-the-art AV technology, including projection, cameras, accessories and more. Included in this investment is two new 16,000-lumen Epson 3LCD laser projectors, the EB-PU2216B, complete with Epson ELPLM04 and ELPLM15 medium-throw lenses.

The EB-PU2216B not only offers the expected quality of a 3LCD 4k enhanced laser projector, but its ultra-lightweight and compact means that it is easy for to store, transport and install the device, key components for an AV rental provider.

Ivan Smyth, Managing Director at and Toomey AV, commented: “Up to this point we’d only had a real interest and requirement for 7.5k-lumen projectors, but with the two new devices from Epson, we can stack both projectors together to offer a 32k-lumen projection if needed, which is a huge step forwards in what we can offer our rental customers. Our new 4k enhanced projectors from Epson join a portfolio of 4k studio cameras, enabling us to do live-streamed events in 4k and enhance our offering for corporate presentations and other events, which are really our bread and butter. We get called for all sorts of ad hoc AV requests, with display requirements ranging up to 20m backdrops, so it’s crucial we’re prepared for all customer requirements.  

“With the projection, we wanted to get into stacking, edge-blending and interchangeable lenses, as we didn’t have a suite of lenses beforehand. Product reliability was a big factor in which technology we went with. After looking at all the major brands, our existing familiarity with Epson and close-ups with the product at their office in Dublin gave us the confidence that Epson was growing in this space and was worth our investment.”

Shortly after procuring the projectors, Epson arranged for product training with the technicians in Dublin to familiarise and help them make the most of the technology.

Smyth Continued: “The kit’s here and has already been in use at numerous live shows, presentations, and just last week on a music video shoot. We’re really happy with the decision to choose Epson and we’re looking forwards to what the future holds for in the rental market and further expanding our Epson Rental Inventory”


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