Major upgrades to portable products strengthen Epson’s position in receipt printer market

Already a leader in the European receipt printing market, Epson has strengthened its position in the portable sector with major upgrades to its TM-P Series

Epson has announced significant improvements to each of the products in its TM-P series of portable thermal receipt printers. The upgraded products, which form the TM-PII Series, will not only further enhance the user experience in existing markets, such as retail and hospitality, but unlock their potential for use in new markets, including in-vehicle applications. The TM-PII Series will further consolidate Epson’s position in the global market for thermal portable printers, which is expected to almost double in size1 (82% growth) between 2019 and 2026.

While specific improvements differ slightly between products, several key enhancements apply to all products in the TM-PII Series (the TM-P20II, TMP-80II and TM-P80II AC). All products, for example, now offer increased impact resistance, and are certified to provide dust and waterproof protection to IP54 standards. They also feature USB-C connectivity, as well as support for Bluetooth 5.0 “classic” and low-energy modes, providing excellent range, seamless pairing and outstanding battery life. With increased wireless performance through Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), all products also feature the Wi-Fi “Direct” (peer-to-peer) mode, enabling direct connection of up to 8 devices, without the need to connect to a network or hotspot. All upgraded products are also approved for in-vehicle use, making them ideal for transportation applications, such as a taxis or on-board ticketing, and logistics applications such as payment on-delivery or invoicing.

Designed for easy cleaning, all products feature a smooth and stylish design, while both of the 3-inch models (TM-P80II and TM-P80II AC) are significantly lighter (23% and 10% respectively) than their predecessors. The TM-80II AC also now includes an auto-cutter, de-curler and Qi-compliant wireless charging. All products can be mounted onto a belt, or shoulder carried (accessories optional), and include a Desktop Mode (rubber feet), as a convenient alternative to a fixed station printer. The revised “quick start” sheet, which includes QR-codes that link to video guides, makes set-up and configuration fast and easy. 

The upgraded TM-P series also offers significant benefits to developers. Full support is provided for both ESC/POS and standard Epson drivers, while Epson’s proven software solutions ensure that the migration of existing POS systems is near-seamless, and new development is fast and problem-free. All models feature integral multilingual font support, and a comprehensive range of tools are available to assist with configuration and support tasks for Windows, iOS, Android and web browsers. Linux solutions may be available on enquiry.

As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, Epson has reduced the overall packaging required to ship the products and maximised the use of cardboard2. In addition, the power supply has been de-bundled from the main product, to allow freedom of user choice and to eliminate any resulting e-waste.

“As a global leader in print technology, Epson has built an outstanding reputation for supporting businesses with innovative and truly fit-for-purpose solutions that help them get ahead,” said Liam Parry, Product Manager, Business Systems, Epson Europe. “These product upgrades are a perfect example of our commitment to listening to market needs and delivering timely and effective solutions.”




  1. VDC Research
  2. Some included accessories have plastic packaging. Epson is working with the relevant suppliers to reduce or remove plastic wherever possible.

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