One-nil to Epson

For a catering company, being able to serve guests seamlessly and quickly is essential. Epson's TM-Intelligent technology provides restaurateurs with a mobile, easy to use and reliable solution.

Holstein Kiel Football Club, known as "The Storks" because of the colour of their shirts, have a stadium with a capacity of more than 10,000 spectators, which sells out for all top matches.

Nine snack stalls within the stadium meet the needs of visitors, along with a restaurant that supplies the VIP lounges with treats. The freshly pulled beer, the hot dogs, the meatballs and many other foods are provided by Budenzauber Catering using Epson's TM-Intelligent ePOS systems, and a 3POS till solution developed by local company BillSys.

A fully scalable EPOS solution

Epson's TM-Intelligent technology allows software to run as a web-based application on any internet-enabled device, regardless of whether it is a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet running Windows, Apple or Android operating systems. This was a particularly important consideration for Holstein Stadium.

Around 35 tablets running ePOS software are available to the caterers at the Holstein Kiel stadium for home games, allowing each of the more than 50 employees to enter their orders and bills, wherever they are. If they run short of devices, additional ones can be added instantly. New employees can simply use their tablets to reach the relevant website and gain access to the system immediately, or alternatively scan a QR code, with no upper limit to the maximum number of tablets that can be connected. 

This is made possible by Epson TM-T88V-iHub receipt printers, which provide the basis for all of these services thanks to their TM-Intelligent technology.

"Our solution, which is based on the Epson TM-T88V-iHub printer, is particularly easy to use," explains Omar el Azouzi, co-owner of BillSys. "if you can use a phone, you won't have any problems with our software." All operations are recorded and processed in real time, so it's possible, for example, to adjust prices based on a situation or to initiate transfers of goods from point of sale A to point of sale B.

Epson TM-Intelligent printing solutions

At the centre of the solution is the Epson TM-T88V-iHub till printer. This receipt printer acts as a hub controlling communication with the tablets. On request the TM-T88V-iHub can also control standard peripheral devices such as cash drawers on tills and barcode scanners. The ePOS technology by Epson creates a high-performance platform for all applications which can be accessed from mobile devices without any drivers or other software, only an HTML5-compatible browser. 

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  • Holstein Stadium chose TM-T88V-iHub printers as part of an ePOS solution to serve food and drink to spectators on match days. The TM-T88V-iHub allows users to connect via tablet, smartphone, web browser or a traditional wired PC connection.

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