Epson helps Epta Inks reduce printing costs by 5% and meet EU regulations

Italian chemical firm Epta inks saved 5% on print costs with ColorWorks, boosted reliability and efficiency, and complied with new regulations at the same time.

Epta Inks has been developing and supplying high-quality inks for applications such as screen, pad, transfer and rotary printing since the 1940s. Its products are known round the world for quality and durability, and meet the requirements of the most demanding industry sectors.

The versatility and reliability of Epta's inks means they can be used on a massive range of materials, from clothing fabrics and signage to glass bottles. They're also used for car badges, motorcycle helmets, ski gear, furniture detailing, computer displays and touchscreens, among other things.

Transforming regulations into opportunities

A recent European regulation introduced a new system for classifying, labelling and packaging chemical substances and mixtures. As a chemicals company, Epta Inks had to adapt its labels to the new rules.

Previously, Epta outsourced label graphics such as symbols or coloured characters to an external printer, before finishing printing using its own heat transfer printers. To reduce print costs, Epta had to order many more labels than required. Also, wear and tear meant the heads of its heat transfer printers had to be replaced every year.

Taking the introduction of the new rules as a cue to solve these problems, in March 2015 Epta started planning to improve its printing processes. The company investigated several label printing solutions and finally decided on Epson's ColorWorks C7500.

The Epson solution

With its PrecisionCore print head and large cartridges, the ColorWorks C7500 is designed specifically for use in commercial and industrial labelling. Fast print speeds mean the printer can process a 30cm label every second with no compromise on quality, making it a great fit for Epta.

After an initial test phase, Epta cut out the external provider and began printing all of its labels in-house, achieving a saving of around five percent.

Thanks to Epson, Epta Inks has saved not only on outsourcing but also on wasted labels, as it can now print just the amount it needs. The new printer integrated perfectly with the company's existing Selerant design software and SAP enterprise platform, making the transition completely painless.

As well as its new printer, Epta uses three ColorWorks C3500 printers for maximum versatility. The C3500s allow Epta's sites to independently print batches as small as 20 or 30 labels, while the C7500 is used for larger runs of 400-1200 labels.

The simplicity, flexibility and efficiency of the ColorWorks C7500 has enabled Epta to print more than 170 kilometres of labels so far. And thanks to the reliable Epson technology, there's not been a single problem since installation, saving on maintenance as well as printing.

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Key facts

  • Thanks to the ColorWorks C7500’s faster speeds and reduced waste, Epta Inks has saved 5% on print costs The new printer integrated efficiently and seamlessly with Epta’s existing design and print software The Epson printer is able to produce labels that conform with EU regulations for labelling chemical products

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