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Located in the leafy and serene outskirts of Nairobi city, the GEMS Cambridge International School provides one of the best platforms for Epson to showcase its leading projector technology in the world of Education.

Student excellence in academic achievement and helping each student to meet their potential is paramount at the school. And as such, the learning process needs to be top notch and of the highest standrds. For this to happen, the best teaching aids need to be in place so as to perfectly complement the efforts of the teaching staff.

Epson’s solution

Epson’s EB–95 3LCD Multimedia Projector is the best solution to fit GEMS Cambridge International school needs. Powerful and easy to use, the projector offers low cost of ownership, and ease of maintenance.

Beautiful crisp, clear images make the EB–95 is the ideal choice for use in an Education environment.

The relatively new school which was started in September 2012 has a total of 75 Epson EB-95 projectors installed in all classrooms, boardrooms and other learning areas.

Key benefits

One of the most unique features on the EB-95 is the powerful 16W integrated speaker that helps the students hear clearly.  There's also a handy microphone input that is ideal for music lessons. It also enables one to share pictures with the class by projecting directly from your USB drive, camera or portable hard drive using the EasyMP slideshow feature.

The Epson’s EasyMP advanced networking features allows the 75 projectors in the school to be easily connected and networked. This has greatly removed the need for constant physical checks hence allowing the IT staff to attend to other matters.

The feature also allows for broadcasting of images and sound over the network via the LAN input.

A huge amount of time and hassle is saved by adjusting settings, such as projector on/off times, from a single point on your network.

Moreover, the projectors come with low total cost of ownership resulting from the long lamp life of 6,000 hours (in eco mode) and improved dust filter for a longer maintenance cycle of up to 5,000 hours.


Both staff and students of GEMS Cambridge International School Nairobi are impressed by the quality and user friendly nature of the EB–95 Epson projectors.

GEMS Education is an international education company, owned by a third generation education family.

It has grown from a small family-run business to a multi-national company with global reach and reputation. It has offices in New York, London, Singapore, Delhi and Dubai.

Kenya is the first African country to have the GEMS schools within its borders. As the school grows into other African states, Epson will in no doubt be the partner of choice with regards to projector solutions.

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Key facts

  • A solution that provides ease of maintenance and ensuring the best quality GEMS Schools chose the EB-95 3LCD for its many features and low ownership The projector lived up to all goals and expectations of GEMS Cambridge

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