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It’s true what they say – you never stop learning.

And one of the most important lessons you can take out from this piece is the range of benefits associated with switching from lasers to inkjet printers.

It’s fitting then, that  Archway School in Gloucestershire has chosen this path to enhance sustainability, cut costs and vastly reduce user interventions required by its printer fleet.

Watch this short video to learn why this comprehensive co-educational school for pupils aged 11 to 18 benefited massively when it committed to Epson’s business inkjet printers.

And the benefits are both immediate and long-term.

Let’s deal with the immediate first. By switching from laser printers to business inkjets, Archway School cut its printing costs by a considerable amount within a year. In itself, that’s an impressive result. But according to James Moth, IT Manager, it’s just the beginning.

Before inkjets, the school’s IT team spent a disproportionate amount of time managing their laser printer fleet. Today, unscheduled user intervention has dropped dramatically:

“The way that toner tends to run out quite quickly, we were replacing (cartridges) almost every day. Whereas with the inkjets from Epson, we find we're replacing the (ink) once a month.”

The school is now a 100% business inkjet environment, and that’s having a long-term effect on the broader environment. Unlike toner cartridges, there is very little waste involved when ink is changed. Given the frequency with which toner cartridges were previously swapped out, that’s a huge amount of waste avoided.  

Energy consumption and heat were other interlinked factors which affected the school’s decision to change to business inkjets. Energy consumption directly affects cost.

Could you also save money (and a great deal more) by changing the way you print?

Read our peer review report to learn more about how Archway School has benefitted from Business Inkjet and how it could help you meet your goals.

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