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It used to be that you simply accepted the office laser printer as the office workhorse. 

Until inkjet showed up as a better alternative in offices, everyone simply put up with laser printers producing so much heat that the office would feel like a furnace. We accepted that laser printers made you wait for the first page out. And we accepted laser printers burns a lot of energy when running, because we did not know better.

Then inkjet printers finally arrived. But not everyone was immediately convinced of its superiority. Old prejudices die hard. Nobody was going to just jump ship to inkjet printers without being convinced by hard facts. 

So to start with DataLink had to help dispel a series of myths – things people were sure they ‘knew’ about inkjet printers. 

DataLink held old misconceptions up to the light – to reveal the truth about inkjet through a series of in-house and on-site tests demonstrating first hand that there is a genuine alternative, offering business-class capability, without the drawbacks of laser printers that users are used to. 

Those fearful that inkjet printers would have slow print speeds, expensive consumables and non-document proof prints were shown the printers in action and saw first hand the lack of warm up time required. And direct comparisons of print outs proved the high-quality output of inkjet when seen next to that of a laser. 

Like its older counterpart, inkjet printers also incorporates the production of document proof prints which may be used as official documents in legal and financial firms.

Customers worried about not being able to edit or process documents for fear of smudging printed text were shown the inkjet prints placed in a glass of water or highlighted with markers. 

In every aspect – from speed, through reliability, and environmental impact – business inkjet printers are either as good as, or better than, their laser equivalents. Facts that DataLink was able to prove in a tangible way.

Inkjet is a sustainable technology. It consumes much less power than laser printers and is much cleaner to operate – no heat, no messy toner and no excessive waste. 

It integrates seamlessly into existing IT-infrastructures, and offers all the flexibility you’d expect, including access from anywhere, robust security, and ease of administration.  

And when you factor in the reduced indirect costs from fewer interventions and lower energy consumption, business inkjets win hands down. Facts DataLink know and champion.

Is everything you thought you knew about business printers wrong?

Read our peer review report to discover how other businesses have benefitted from Business Inkjet and how it could help you meet your goals.

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